Rescue vehicles

Sliding Platform

Sliding platforms are used for the transfer of vehicles that have failed, or for the transfer of work machines or wheel less roadside assistance vehicles.

By means of the rope drum mounted on the frame, the defective vehicles are slid and pulled  closer to the case. In the case of fixed frame platforms, the rear doors can be lowered by the hydraulic system and served as a ramp. From the ramp, work machines are fixed to the platform and their transfers are realized.


  • Special design trucks for police service , car rescue and car repair services and municipalities.
  • Lift can carry up to 3000 kg. 2 or 3 car carry chassis is also an option.
  • 4 hydraulic outriggers.
  • Hydraulic sliding platform is an option for heavier vehicles, to pull the vehicle on the platform
    with a hook.

Recovery Truck

  • Telescopic hydraulic boom made of Weldox material ( up – down movement) that is raised and lowered by two double acting hydraulic
  • 10-20 Ton Capacity Hydraulic Winch with 60 meter length rope
  • Support legs on each side at the rear are made in hollow section steel and are welded to the subframe. Each leg is controlled independently. Both support legs have a toothed edge for maximum hold and are additionally fitted with a grip plate.
  • One double locker and one vertical locker each with 2 doors and one double locker with a single door on each side.
  • All hydraulic pipes are high quality to DIN 2391/C standards. Hoses with pressed on couplings are in accordance with SAE 100R2T standards.

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