Telescopic Platform

Telescopic platforms can be used for exterior cleaning of buildings, maintenance and repair of power lines, construction areas, cutting of wood, etc. Booms are made of high-strength special steel. The support legs are designed with serial opening system. Safety packages are available for hydraulic and electrical systems.

  • The basket includes a lighting projector.
  • The system can be locked on the support legs.
  • Automatic balancing system for basket.
  • Emergency hand pump.
  • Stop button on control panel.
  • Insulation between 1000-100000 V in basket.
  • Vehicle engine stop system.
  • Support legs with high maneuvering capacity for all types of ground conditions.

Working Height (m) 12 – 32
Platform Lateral Opening (m) 6.5 – 21
Rotation Angle (°) Optional
Basket Capacity (kg) 250
Basket Insulation (V) 1000 – 100000

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