Water tanks

Those tankers are designed to transport water or any other liquids, and to clean roads when it is requested by our customers with a special system.

Tanks are produced in elliptical, cylindrical or “D” shape with stainless steel or ST 37,2 / 52 norm plates. Inside the tank, there are water breaks through the entire body, a 500 mm Ø hatch placed above the tank. Water / liquid level indicator, and a ladder to climb upside and a catwalk above the tanker.

Pump, single-staged centrifugal force model, is placed near the chassis for easy controlling. The power which is needed for the pump to operate is provided by Power Take-Off (PTO); It is controlled from the driver cabin. Using the hatch above the tank, it can be filled with natural flow or by a hose from any other source. A 20 m. 1” Ø hose is placed near the chassis under the tank, as a standard equipment.

  • Fender for all tires
  • Hose cabinets and toolbox
  • 4 pcs. Vacuum hose
  • Yellow flashing beacon

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