• There is an articulated lifting arm connected to a heavy duty hinge in the middle and turning around the rear hook. The central hinge has a locking ability which is used during tipping around the rear hook.
  • The front part of the lifting arm contains a hydraulical telescopic movement
  • The heavy-duty hinges at the rear have the same axis with the rollers.
  • Lifting arm pulls the container from the ground onto the frame by disengaging the locking device on the middle hinge, thus the front part of the arm is lowered at the rear to pull the container on its rear rollers on the rear of the frame. After the container is completely placed on the frame, the telescopic movement of the front part of the lifting arm moves the container to the front to lock it hydraulically.
  • The container can be tilted around the rear hinge when it is locked on the frame to discharge it.
  • There are lubricated bushing parts at rotating joints.

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